Bring your clients a range of available spaces they can explore without leaving their office. DPI - Diamond Precision Imaging gets your high quality 3D scans and virtual tours of your listings.

Get more, for less and fast.

Provide Clients an Experience, Not just a Picture.

DPI Virtual Tours are fast, effective and affordable. The fact is Commercial Real Estate, be it retail, industrial or office space, is much simpler than similar sized spaced in Residential Real Estate. Without the excess furniture, ornamentation and labyrinthine  layouts, Commercial spaces can be completed quickly and efficiently for less money.  You can have a 3D model completed in as little as 24 hours from when the pictures are taken.


Scanning the property can take an hour  or two depending upon the size (<3,000 sqft). Larger properties can book out a day or two at super discounted rates. And it takes 2D stills too. All the pictures on this page are from a Scan.

The technology to give your properties leased and win more listings is at your fingertips.


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